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Buy New & Refurbished Laptop Speakers in Nigeria | Used Speakers Price List 

If you listen to music or take calls online, you surely need a good speaker. Therefore, it is important for you to look out for the best speaker to perform the job in an effective way. Check out refurbished speakers in any of the marketplaces because it helps you save money without compromising on performance.

There are plenty of marketplaces online that help you buy the best speakers without shelling out much money. A refurbished laptop speaker does not mean that it is a used or an old speaker. There are chances where people end up finding the best speaker without spending the actual price.

Xurbish is a reputed Enterprise IT products marketplace and we offer products from various sellers across the world. It is evident that the most challenging part is to connect the customer to the right buyer. Xfurbish comes into the picture by providing an eCommerce platform where sellers can display their products at low prices for better sales.

Why Refurbished Speakers?

Refurbished speakers or any refurbished IT products have gained attention for a long time now. Therefore, it is essential to check and compare speakers both in the open market and in refurbished markets. As many people prefer using Laptops over desktops, it is evident that laptop speakers are in huge demand. 

Xfurbish is in the market for a long time now offering different kinds of products at low prices. We have been working to get the best sellers in the world market to connect with the right customer. This plays a vital role for a consumer to save money without compromising on quality or durability.

A refurbished speaker helps you listen to all kinds of music and audio files without affecting the quality. Some of the manufacturers are known to produce speakers more in quantity because of various reasons. Not every time, brands find all their speakers sold in the market. Instead of trashing or scraping all the remaining speakers, brands place all these items to the refurbished market at low prices.

Benefits of buying refurbished speakers

  • Easy to buy

  • Cost-effective

  • Genuine quality

What is Xfurbish?

Xfurbish is a refurbished Enterprises IT products marketplace where hundreds of sellers are registered and displaying their tower servers for small businesses and large businesses to sell. As the website covers the majority chunk of reputed and quality sellers in the market, you can find better products at the lowest price possible.

Never forget to compare products with respect to form factor in other sites before buying because we always want you to experience the price and performance before placing an order. Xfurbish is present brightly in India and UAE. We are establishing our connection throughout the world to provide better prices for quality products.

Why Xfurbish?

  • Unmatchable prices 

  • With power supply

  • Wide range of products

  • 100% Genuine products

  • Quality support

  • Core processors

Brand: Dell Model: 0XK8F2

Dell Latitude 5280 5290 Speaker XK8F2 0XK8F2..
Ex Tax:17,837
Brand: Dell Model: 07Y2TF

Dell Latitude 5490 5480 Laptop Speaker 7Y2TF 07Y2TF..
Ex Tax:12,475
Brand: Dell Model: X0H0R 0X0H0R

Dell Latitude 7280 7380 Speakers assembly X0H0R 0X0H0R..
Ex Tax:16,875
Brand: Dell Model: 0P7J4Y

Dell Latitude E5270 Left and Right Speakers Set P7J4Y 0P7J4Y CN-0P7J4Y..
Ex Tax:12,750
Brand: Dell Model: 08RY42 8RY42

Dell Latitude E6320 Speakers 08RY42 8RY42..
Ex Tax:17,425
Brand: Dell Model: 0NDXPD

Dell Latitude E6430 Speakers NDXPD 0NDXPD..
Ex Tax:14,675
Brand: Dell Model: 07WW8R

Dell Latitude E6440 Speakers Left and Right 07WW8R 7WW8R..
Ex Tax:17,837
Brand: Dell Model: 0CCKFF

Dell V3560 3560 P24F Left and Right Speaker 0CCKFF CCKFF..
Ex Tax:16,875
Brand: Dell Model: 0TTCYP

Genuine Dell Inspiron 15R N5010 M501R M5010 Speaker TTCYP 0TTCYP..
Ex Tax:17,425
Brand: Dell Model: 08KM5J

Genuine Dell Latitude 7490 Speakers 8KM5J 08KM5J..
Ex Tax:17,837
Brand: Dell Model: 0CGDGM

Genuine Dell Latitude E5470 Speakers Left and Right 0CGDGM CGDGM..
Ex Tax:17,837
Brand: Dell Model: 00YYM2 0YYM2

Genuine Dell Precision 3520 Latitude 5580 5590 5591 Speakers Left and Right 00YYM2 0YYM2..
Ex Tax:17,837
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