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Refurbished and Used Hinges | Laptop Hinges Price List

Hinges may look like a small spare, but it comes with a huge amount of challenge while using, fixing, and maintaining effectively. It is important to buy hinges from the manufacturer directly, but not all producers are engaged in selling all kinds of hinges related to their products conveniently. Hence, it is easy to look out for a refurbished hinge produced by the original manufacturer to ensure a safe and easy fit to the product.

Why Buy Used Hinges?

Every part or spare in a computer is essential to enhance the performance of the system. It is widely recommended to perform a regular service to a laptop because it helps you identify any errors or replacements to avoid wasting time in the future.

Performance is a crucial part of every spare in a laptop because of obvious reasons. Buying refurbished or used hinges help you enjoy better costs without compromising on the performance.

What are Refurbished Hinges?

It is not easy in the current world to find a refurbished product that is also produced by the original manufacturer. Hence, you can find the same spare from a refurbished market at low prices. It is widely recommended to check out for refurbished hinges because it gives you the desired performance without affecting the budget. It is important to know the Hinge replacement procedure perfectly. A wrong process could ruin the functionality of the laptop over time.

Why Xfurbish?

Xfurbish is a reputed organization that allows sellers from different parts of the world to display their products and sell at reasonable prices. Xfurbish is engaged in selling Enterprise IT products by connecting with various sellers across the world. The e-commerce marketplace sells all kinds of Laptop accessories such as Circuit boards, DC Jack, Daughterboards, CPU or processor fans, and so on.

Benefits of Buying Used Hinges in Nigeria from Xfurbish

  • Unmatchable prices

  • Wide range of products

  • 100% Genuine products

  • Quality support

  • Core processors

Brand: Dell Model: FKHYN 7KH9J

Dell Alienware 17 R4 R5 Hinge Kit Left and Right FKHYN 7KH9J..
Ex Tax:16,600
Brand: Dell Model: 03Y32X D0D85

Dell Inspiron 15 5570 5575 Latitude 3590 Hinge Kit 3Y32X 03Y32X D0D85..
Ex Tax:16,050
Brand: Dell Model: 0KG40V KG40V

Dell Latitude E5470 LCD Hinge Left and Right 0KG40V KG40V..
Ex Tax:17,425
Brand: Dell Model: 17VCP

Dell Latitude E5470 Left Right LCD Hinge 17VCP..
Ex Tax:14,125
Brand: Dell Model: 05TRK2 5TRK2

Dell Latitude E7270 Hinge Kit Left and Right 05TRK2 5TRK2..
Ex Tax:17,425
Brand: Dell Model: 0C58M8

Dell Latitude E7450 Left Right LCD Hinges 0C58M8..
Ex Tax:18,525
Brand: Dell Model: 0MJG7P

Dell XPS 15 9550 9560 Precision 5510 Plastic Hinges Cover 0MJG7P..
Ex Tax:17,425
Brand: HP Model: 642782-001

HP EliteBook 8460 8460P LCD Hinge 642782-001..
Ex Tax:7,425
Brand: Lenovo Model: 04W1612

Lenovo Thinkpad T420 T420i LCD Hinge Left Right 04W1612..
Ex Tax:14,653
Brand: Lenovo Model: 0B41074

Lenovo Thinkpad T430 T430i Hinge 0B41074..
Ex Tax:16,875
Brand: Lenovo Model: 0B41075

Lenovo Thinkpad T430 T430I Hinges 0B41075 0B41074..
Ex Tax:16,875
Brand: Dell Model: 02RF3M

New Hinge Kit for Dell Latitude 3570 Hinge for Assembly 2RF3M 02RF3M..
Ex Tax:17,425
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