Buying Refurbished laptop battery can help you increase the power backup without hassles.

While colleges and schools are bringing classes online in the wake of the epidemic and the spread of the virus, families across the country are deciding to purchase their first computer devices, most likely laptops.

However, for many families in the lower middle class struggling with job loss and low incomes, getting an expensive laptop with a large backup battery is turning out to be a challenge.

What is a Refurbished Laptop Battery?

A refurbished laptop battery may have been produced from the brand. But, they have not been used on any laptop due to many reasons.

Using laptop batteries could save you lots of money, but do not be too impulsive when purchasing.

Do some investigation, before you decide to purchase, make sure you compare the cost to the laptop battery's price with similar specs.

If you're purchasing a refurbished laptop battery that is more than one year older for the same price as the brand new one, it's not worth it since you'll be losing the warranty.

Make sure you look at the prices for identical models with different vendors across all platforms.

Make sure you look at the prices for identical models with different vendors across all platforms.

Types of Batteries

  • Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)
  • Smart Batteries

Best Ways to Boost Your Laptop Battery Life

Longest battery life in a laptop is possible if you take good care. Even if your battery has the same appearance and you want to change to a different battery type.

But, unless the manufacturer sets up your laptop to support multiple battery types, the charging process differs for all three kinds of batteries.

Check out the Ways to Boost Your Laptop’s Battery Life Down Below

  • Use Regularly
  • Overcharging
  • Initial Care for the Batteries
  • Charging Process
  • Discharged Condition
  • Battery Removal

Use Regularly

A battery that isn't utilized for longer periods of a period will gradually deplete itself. Even with the best maintenance, batteries need to be replaced every 500-1000 recharges.

However, it's not recommended to use your laptop without a battery when powered by AC power.

A battery can serve as a large capacitor that serves to shield against voltage spikes that your AC outlet generates.

Over Charging

Don't overcharge the batteries because it changes the shape.

Since the makers change the shape of their batteries every couple of months, you could face difficulties finding a new battery for your laptop within a few years from now.

This can be an issue only if you plan to use the same laptop in a few years in the future. If you are unsure, purchase an additional battery now before it is out of stock.

Initial Care for the Batteries

The batteries are new and come in a state of discharge, and require a full charge before making use of them.

It is suggested that you completely charge and discharge your new battery 2 to 4 times before allowing it to reach capacity fully.

It is recommended to perform overnight charging (approximately 12 to twelve hours) for this. It is normal for batteries to get warm on the skin during charging and discharge.

If you charge your battery for the first time, it could show that the charging process is complete after only about 10 to 15 minutes. This is normal for rechargeable batteries.

Charging Process

New or Refurbished Laptop Battery can be difficult to charge since they've never been fully charged and have not fully broken in.

Sometimes, the device's charger will not charge a new battery before it is fully charged.

If this occurs, take it from your device and then reinsert it. The charge cycle should start over again. It could happen multiple times during the initial charge. But don't fret; it's normal.

Keep your battery in good health by charging it fully and then fully charging it at least every two or three weeks. There are exceptions to the general rule. Li-Ion batteries that don't exhibit the effects of memory.

Discharged Condition

Batteries must be kept in a discharged condition because they self-discharge and then become inactive following an extended storage period.

They shouldn't be stored for long when connected to laptops. Replacement battery process needs to be taken if you keep the laptop idle for a long time.

Extreme temperatures and humidity could result in the battery's condition declining. Therefore, they must be avoided when storing.

Battery Removal

Most of the Compaq Presario laptops come with removable batteries.

Don't remove the battery pack from your purse, pocket, or another container in which metal objects (such as keys for cars or clippings for paper) could short-circuit terminals of the battery.

The resultant current flow could cause extremely high temperatures and could cause destruction to your battery or cause burns or fire.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Battery

  • Compatibility
  • Materials
  • Capacity
  • Service Life
  • Branded Against Unbranded
  • New vs Refurbished
  • Verify that the Refurbisher Has Replaced Batteries


The first thing you should be looking for when purchasing or upgrading to your laptop battery is the compatibility of your laptop computer.

The part number of the battery helps you know about compatibility efficiently.

To ensure that a Refurbished Laptop Battery is compatible with your laptop, it is necessary to know the brand and model of your laptop.

The majority of them are designed specifically for specific models of computers and include this information in the product description.

If you're not sure or don't have the documents, take a look at the inside of the laptop's battery compartment when it's unplugged and off.

It is also possible to find the model number of the battery on the casing.


You must also think about the materials that the battery is composed of Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) or Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium-Ion (LiON), and Lithium-Ion Polymers (Li-Poly).

NiCad batteries are mostly out of date because they're very heavy and do not last long.

NiMH batteries are more durable than NiCads; however, they are significantly less than LiONs and Li-Polys.

Replacement laptop batteries are also heavier and have an effect known as the "memory effect," which results in them losing the capacity to recharge fully.

The consensus is that LiON or Li-Poly batteries are a good option, provided that the laptop-compatible as they're lightweight and last longer than NiMHs and are approximately 1/3 lighter.

They charge faster and are more sustainable.

No matter what kind of laptop battery you decide to buy, be sure that the battery is manufactured in a manner that is in line with the international standards for laptop battery safety.

These standards include the ones set in the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).


The capacity, also known as the power rating, is an additional aspect to consider, specially in HP pavilion laptops.

This refers to the power output the battery cells produce and is typically written as milliamperes (mAh).

The larger capacity is, the longer it will last before needing to be recharged.

Therefore, you should look for the largest mAh count. New batteries are typically tested to be at or above 5000 mAh.

Service Life

Like all other electronic products, Dell laptop batteries come with an established service life that is the time they're expected to perform at their best.

It's usually expressed using cycles which include fully draining the battery before recharging it.

Most batteries can run between 300 to 1,500 charging cycles and are usable when the maximum number of cycles is reached.

However, it may not last also. Certain laptops can count cycles built-in; however, an application can count cycles for free. It's available on the internet for download.

Branded Against Unbranded

It is also advisable to consider whether you would prefer to purchase a brand-name laptop battery, similar to the one that your laptop came with and an equivalent replacement.

HP original battery price differs from unbranded. Numerous brands and those that manufacture generic batteries source parts from a similar manufacturer.

Therefore, it won't have a significant impact; however, some brand name models are more stringent in security standards than generic versions, and some are made with various components that are of higher quality.

Furthermore, certain brand names have a longer warranty than generic ones.

The Laptop battery price in Nigeria is reasonable if you visit the right platform. Branded batteries can cost more than generic ones; however, If you're comparing the brand name laptop battery with a generic battery.

You can expect to find them to be very similar, you might want to select the generic laptop models' battery.

New vs Refurbished

In addition to the branding issue, you need to be thinking about whether you'd prefer an entirely new laptop battery or a used one.

If you are buying a laptop battery for hp, it is necessary to look out for a perfect place to enjoy performance.

Although some refurbished batteries are excellent and often less expensive than brand new models, it's risky to purchase refurbished ones because you don't know how old the battery is, and it could die abruptly.

Additionally, some refurbished batteries do not offer a long warranty, and it could be worthwhile to buy a new one, particularly if you are using your laptop frequently.

Verify that the Refurbisher Has Replaced Batteries

The lifespan of a battery in a new laptop could be the key to the deal. The majority of batteries lose their endurance over an amount of time, increasing the longer it can keep a charge.

When the battery in the brand new laptop typically lasts for 12 hours, based on the use, it could be reduced to the point that the battery can last for 4 hours.

If the laptop you are buying is repaired, be sure to make sure that the refurbisher replaces the batteries used in previous models (as happens with Back Market).

Black Market's sellers will test their batteries but will not sell a product with batteries that hold less than the 85% initial charge!

Remember, don't buy a refurbished laptop from a site that doesn't make warranty battery replacements for damaged or defective batteries! This is a huge no-no.


You need to check for the right kind of battery that suits your laptop without hassles. Most people prefer going with a refurbished laptop battery because it costs less.

It is highly recommended that you keep the above things in mind before buying because it helps you use them for a long time.

There are few Myths About Laptop Batteries and it is important for you to know and buy the perfect one. HP or Dell Inspiron laptops, it is evident that you can expect a good battery life because of the brand.