Today the Nigerian market consists of several brands and devices with great configurations where Meeysoo Smartphones is the most emerging brand.

One of the famous models of the Meeysoo smartphones is Meeysoo P45 Pro where it comes with a 6.6-inch full display, 16 MP front camera, and HD camera, and android 9.0 supported.

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Maybe meeysoo phone doesn't take higher rank in the international market, but Nigerian people well like it it is the most famous Smartphone Brand in Nigeria.

Meeysoo Smartphones Buying Guide

While shopping for any smartphone, we need to keep some aspect, or some key specification below points could help choose.

  • Battery Strength of Meeysoo Smartphones
  • The operating system (OS)
  • RAM and Processor

Battery Strength of Meeysoo Smartphones

This is a critical stage where it is very important to choose the Best Battery Life smartphone.

Therefore, more battery life increases smartphone usage. Hence, You can try a phone not less than 2400mAh.

The Operating System (OS)

All brands of the phone come with an operating system, whether IOS or Android.

For Android, you get more options to control and get more apps and engage in gaming activity.

Therefore you need to choose the best OS.

RAM and Processor

For the good clock speed, you should not go with anything less than 1.84 GHz to make calls and make use of your apps.

The Meeysoo smartphones processors range from dual-core or higher types like eight cores.

However, if you use more apps and engage in more gaming activities, you need to consider the good processor and ram smartphones.

Above are the key points to be considered while buying any smartphone or the category of Meeysoo Brand.

Meeysoo M40 Pro phone And Features

A few reasons why you should be careful while choosing the phone?

This particular brand is not more popular but then listed on most online stores with conflicting specs, features of Meeysoo M40 pro phones, and prices. Is it the best phone? Should you buy one?

Nowadays, many new brands are listed there. This is normal as expected.Also, it is common to see conflicting specs and features from another website.

This commonly happens when the manufacturer hides the complete specification of the cell phone, living leaked, and rumored specs to carry the day.

But, what sets in our mind is a new smartphone manufactured by an unknown brand with outrageous specs and great configuration at a very low price.

Until now, no one knows what is meeysoo brand is; it is a completely unknown brand.

It's fair enough, as mentioned before that a new smartphone brand pops out everyday and every other week.

These things happen around; therefore, look at the complete specification, features, and configurations of the first set of phones.


Meeysoo is the most emerging Smartphones brand in Nigeria. It comes with different and updated features.

Maybe the Meeysoo phone doesn't take a higher rank in the international market, Still, the Nigerian people will like it because of the brand value.

It is the most famous brand in Nigeria, so trying to Buy the best brand phones at less cost than Meeysoo smartphones is the best option.