The involvement of technology in the last few years has increased considering students moreover in the education sector. It can range from desktop computers to projectors and servers adopting new technology than the old conventional ways. Here we offer some of the best desktops for students that help them to use them for a long time without lags.

But the last couple of years has created a need for these technologies which gives the advantage to continue it from anywhere and anytime.

Using these ways generally provides the convenience of easy and fast working to save time and energy.

Adopting online ways of education help to balance everything and thus reduce wastage of time moreover suitable to all no matter what you use it for.

Generally referring to students, it can prove very helpful in all aspects and provide different tools and other software.

Different desktops have their pros and cons, which are suitable for other works and places we use.

It depends on the purpose of buying, budget, accessories, features, etc., on which one can choose the right type.

Anyone buying desktops or laptops should read/know before considering it hence not to get the wrong one.

What is a Desktop Computer?

These PCs are generally placed on a desk or at a single location to perform different tasks and work.

Desktops can perform any complex works or tasks using software supported by their operating system.

These computers are mainly due to different devices such as computer monitors, CPUs, keyboards, etc.

These desktops originally started in the 1970s due to microprocessors, which were reduced to desktop size.

These desktops have an elaborate system of desktops that work in coordination to perform complex tasks.

They are generally used everywhere but can be helpful to students because of their available software and other features.

Their large size and weight restrict mobility and hence is one of the biggest cons to buy parts of a desktop computer.

Because of their efficiency in saving time and precision in work they are used probably everywhere from schools to banks and grocery stores.

Why Use a Desktop?

There can be an argument whether to use it or to choose between a desktop or a laptop.

Firstly, in using a desktop, there can be many pros and features provided by the software and tools.

For example, calculating anything manually can take time and have errors but not while using a desktop.

Using them has advantages to doing any calculations and can store a large amount of data for a long time.

The use of desktops for students can be advantageous because of their fast and efficient storage and processing.

Secondly, choosing between a desktop or refurbished laptop can be a question to students while buying them.

Choosing Best desktops for students can be more advantageous, especially to students, because of the many facilities.

Moreover, desktops can be versatile and store their data rather than the conventional notes.

Laptops are lightweight and do not have a problem with their mobility. Are pretty expensive compared to regular desktop computers.

Types of Desktop

Even on this desktop, there are different types of desktops according to their other features and works.

They can also be categories based on usage, which can slightly differ but have the same functioning.

Types of Desktop Computers by Size

  • Full-Size Desktops
  • Compact Desktops
  • All in One Desktop Computer

Full-Size Desktops

They can be categorized by their tall tower form look and are pretty big, giving an option for improvement as per need.

They have a large number of processing units with display variety and are potent computers.

These desktops have many components which are connected through wired or wireless medium.

Compact Desktops

As its name suggests, they are compact and lighter weight when compared to full-size computers.

They are less potent with lower work capacity hence can not perform large functions.

They look similar to full-size computers and are generally preferred for light work.

All in One Best Desktops for Students

This type integrates compact and full-size computers, which means it has a high workload capacity and is compact.

It may be more expensive than full-size and compact desktops.

It is suitable for a massive workload with less space requirement.

Types of the Desktop Computers by Usage

  • Gaming Computer
  • Desktop Server Computers
  • Workstations

Gaming Computer

They are specially designed for gaming which requires high efficiency and performance for a better experience.

These computers have better CPU, GPU, processors, the frame rate of monitors, RAM, ROM, etc., which gives a good gaming experience.

As they are used specifically for gaming, they require the best components for their vast working load.

Desktop Server Computers

These types of computers have high performance and storage, which can be used as a server.

They have all components of workspace and gaming computers as these computers require fast and efficient tasks.


They may look like ordinary personal computers but have fast and better working capacity.

Refurbished workstations are generally used in specific workplaces which require high performance and have enormous workloads.

With all these high-end devices used, they cost much more than a typical computer.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Desktop Computers


  • Desktops are quite durable hence have a long life when compared to other options such as laptops.
  • They cost much less than any other options, especially for students looking forward to buying them.
  • We can replace its hardware anytime, making it last longer and saving money rather than buying a new one.
  • They have an option for optimization in hardware and components which can be repaired or replaced.
  • These computers can be expanded in storage and other options that make them versatile and flexible to use.
  • Any desktop can be turned into a high-end and high-performance computer because of its features.
  • It allows a variety of accessories and devices to connect, which is supported by the hardware and software.
  • Many different model desktops come with a variety of features and options to change as per your need.
  • It allows access to new and different software, which can be beneficial, especially to the students.
  • Using these computers for any tasks, calculations, or storage requires less time and has the slightest chance for errors.
  • Extensive data can be stored, which can be easily accessible.
  • The use of formal digital education can be helpful, providing more reach to students and additional skills.


  • These desktops have a large size and weight, making them hard to move; hence mobility is restricted.
  • Because of their size, they use up a lot of space which can be a problem, especially for those students who have limited space.
  • They can consume a lot of energy and produce a loud noise which can sometimes be irritating.
  • These desktops do not have an inbuilt keyboard and mouse pad which means they require an additional device hence can cost you more money.
  • As they have more devices and accessories connected via wires thus, it can create additional problems to arrange wires properly.
  • Using a digital format can be a little difficult for some people, taking time to get used to.
  • Sometimes the data or information present on the desktop can be accessed by other people.

10 Best Desktops for Students

When we say different models of desktops, there are many pros and cons which come with it. While choosing the best desktop for students.

There are different uses of desktop computers on which different types of computers make their features slightly distinct.

  • Dell Inspiron 3880 10th Gen Intel Core Desktop
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre 3 Desktop
  • HP All-in-one 23.8 inch
  • ASUS AIO M241, 23.8’’ FHD
  • HP AlO Ryzen 3 3250U 54.6 cm
  • Dell XPS 8940 Tower Desktop
  • Lenovo IdeaCentre A340 23.8 inch
  • HP All-in-one 24-df0215in 23.8 inch
  • HP Slim Tower Desktop
  • ASUS Platinum Dual Core

Dell Inspiron 3880 10th Gen Intel Core Desktop

This Dell desktop 3880 model is quite famous because of its features for typical desktop computers for students.

It comes with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD, enough space for essential work at an affordable price.

It has an intel i3 processor and Window 10th gen with a 3.6GHz speed 4 processor count.

With a computer monitor of 18.5 inches in classic black color with a graphic coprocessor of intel HD graphic 630

It has Bluetooth and wifi facility, with Dell E2016HV can cost around Rs. 45,900/- and Rs. 36,400/- without the monitor.

Lenovo Idea centre 3 Desktop

This Lenovo desktop can be used as a gaming PC because of its fast performance and advanced components.

This desktop comes with 8GB to 32 GB RAM and 1TB HDD, giving a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

With a Windows 10th, gen and Intel i5 processor hence make it a fast and high-performing PC.

It has an Intel HD graphic 630 and a 23.8 inches FHD colorful monitor.

With the monitor, they can cost you roughly Rs. 56,989/- and Rs. 46,100/-

HP All-in-one 23.8 inch

As the name suggests, this HP PC is an all-in-one type that can be used basically for all types of work.

It has 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD with 256 SSD storage to give a smooth experience.

The processor used is an Intel Core i3 and Windows 11th gen which provides fast performance.

It comes with a 23.8-inch FHD monitor in all silver color and Bluetooth and wifi connection features.

This PC can cost you around Rs. 57,200/-

ASUS AIO M241, 23.8’’ FHD

Another All-in-one desktop computer, this Asus PC, is generally used and famous for personal and business-related work.

It comes with 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD, suitable for this kind of work but not gaming.

An AMD CPU and speed of a 3.2GHz dual-core processor give a smooth experience.

They have a flat panel monitor with an average screen size of 23.8 inches.

This desktop has pre-installed Windows 10 and an integrated graphic card.

This PC may cost you around Rs. 28,990/-

HP AlO Ryzen 3 3250U 54.6 cm

This HP desktop computer is an All-in-one desktop but preferred for students and personal use because of its features. It is considered as the best desktops for students.

It comes with 8GB RAM and a 1TB HDD, which gives a lot of space for a smooth performance.

They come with an AMD CPU of 2.6GHz speed and 1 processor count for fast working.

It has an integrated graphics card and Windows 10 operating system.

It also supports wifi and Bluetooth, which comes with a 21.5 HD monitor.

Along with all features and monitor can cost you around Rs. 37,990/-

Dell XPS 8940 Tower Desktop

This Dell desktop has advanced components and is one of the best equipment, making it a gaming PC.

It has a powerful Intel CPU with 64GB RAM and 1TB HDD suitable for gaming desktops.

Intel Core i7 processor of 2.6GHz speed allows you to experience a fast and smooth gaming experience.

These desktop features exclude a monitor.

Lenovo Idea centre A340 23.8 inch

This is another PC from Lenovo of the Idea centre series and is an All-in-one desktop preferred for students and personal works.

It has a fast Intel Core i5 processor with 1.6GHz speed, giving a quick and lag-free performance.

With 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD, it has an integrated graphic system with included keyboard and mouse accessories.

It comes along with an average computer monitor with a 23.8-inch display.

With all accessories and features, it can cost you around Rs. 53,990/-

HP All-in-one 24-df0215in 23.8 inch

Another HP all-in-one desktop comes on the list because of its features and quality, which is highlighted among others.

This model of a desktop is generally preferred to students because of its affordable price and features.

With a RAM size of 8GB DDR4 and 1TB HDD, which make them fast and smooth.

It comes with an AMD processor of 2.4GHz speed and an integrated graphic system.

It has a Windows 10 operating system and computer monitor with a 23.8-inch display screen.

This may cost you around Rs. 45,990/-

HP Slim Tower Desktop

This HP computer tower desktop has a sleek style preferred to students and office work because of its features and affordable price.

It has 4GB RAM and a 1TB HDD with an intel processor, which gives a smooth experience.

They come with an Intel Core i3 of 3.6GHz speed processor and an integrated graphic system.

It arrives with a keyboard and mouse and an optional monitor.

Without a monitor, it may cost around Rs. 31,988/-

ASUS Platinum Dual Core

This desktop is generally preferred by students and office-related work to buy this Asus desktop. It is considered as the best desktop for students.

It has 4GB DDR4 RAM and a 1TB HDD, which is fast, making them popular among students.

It comes with an Intel Core i3 2.4GHz fast processor and with a windows 10 operating system.

They generally come with a 21-inch display screen monitor, which can cost you around Rs. 32,400/-


The list mentioned above is not listed according to ranking or price, including gaming and all-in-one types of desktop computers.

This list has different models and series of computers that have their features and price, making them popular.

Different models have different uses for desktop computers which can be bought according to your need.

It depends on your needs and what you use to choose the right type, model, and company.

These are one the best desktops mentioned above in the list looking from a student's perspective.

Anyone buying a desktop should know/read about the features and prices they offer.

Before buying the best desktops for Students, you should know your needs and budget to get the right one and not the wrong one.

There are plenty of models of identical desktops, but it depends on you to buy the right one for you according to your need.

Choosing the wrong one doesn't mean the idea of buying is terrible nor the product, but it is the type and the model you buy.